Hitachi’s “world’s thinnest” LCD TVs: Wooo UT-series with UWB wireless

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At this point, we’ve certainly seen thinner LCDs announced by Sharp, Samsung, and LG.Philips. However, Hitachi is first — the world’s first — to roll their relative 35-mm (1.37-inch) fatties out for production. The Wooo UT series announced this morning in Japan features a pair of 1080p sets measuring 42- or 37-inches with a lowly 32-incher throttling things back to a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution. All feature just a single HDMI input, D-Sub 15 analog-in for your legacy PC, at least a 450cd/m2 brightness, 178-degree viewing angle, and 120Hz IPS panel wrapped in a bezel just 35-mm thick. So why just a single HDMI you rightly ask? Well, Hitachi has moved the tuner into an external Wooo Station box with 3x HDMI inputs (among others), SD slot, removable iVDR-S storage, LAN and optional ¥90,000 ($785) UWB module for up to 9-meters of wireless delivery. The V-42 is expected in early April, the V-37 by February, and V-32 in mid-December with prices of ¥430,000 ($3,753), ¥330,000 ($2,880), and ¥230,000 ($2,007), respectively.

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