Pentax K100D Super gets reviewed — better, faster, cheaper

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Pentax didn’t do anything too drastic when it revved the already well-received K100D to “Super” status: apart from a dust-removal system, SDM lens support, ISO 3200 mode, and a much lower price, the Super is pretty much the same as the non-Super K100D it replaced. That’s apparently just fine, according to the crew over at Photography blog, who recently took the 6.1 megapixel Super for a spin and gave it five out of five stars — they found that the dust-removal and anti-shake systems, combined with the 11-point autofocus, made for terrific pictures at the Super’s $600 price point, with user-friendly features like dual LCD displays and SD card support just sweetening the pot. In fact, the only flaw PB found with the Super was that power options are limited to four AAs or two CR-V3 rechargeables — which some might find annoying, but definitely manageable.


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