Garmin nuvi 760 reviewed

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The nuvi line has proven to be a big seller for Garmin — we know half a dozen people who own a 300-series alone — so expectations are obviously pretty high for the newest flagship device in the family, the 760. Luckily for nuvi diehards, the company has done just about everything right here, according to GPS Review, packing the 4.3-inch widescreen unit with nearly every bell and whistle you could possibly want in a PND while still maintaining the ease-of-use Garmins are known for. Specifically, you’re getting pre-installed maps of North America, cellphone integration via Bluetooth, FM transmitter, text-to-speech, MP3 playback, and a cleverly designed traffic antenna built into the power cord that’s capable of connecting to Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network. Apparently the biggest improvements over the 600-series are screen brightness, a “last position” feature to figure out where you parked, and a new routing function that lets you plot out a multi-stop trip or determine the best order in which to hit multiple destinations. Quibbles here are relatively minor — wonky re-routing, too-late voice prompts — and it seems the biggest barrier to purchase with the 760 is its price: at between $700 and $800, it costs quite a bit more than other models with nearly the same feature set.


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