Alienware announces AlienExchange trade-in program

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While they’re still far from eMachines-territory, those in the market for an Alienware system can now knock a few bucks off their desktop or laptop of choice — if they’re willing to fork over some of their old gear, that is. That can be done as part of the company’s just-launched AlienExchange program, which will let you trade in everything from cellphones and MP3 players to game consoles and digital cameras to computers and monitors in exchange for an AlienWare gift card or a plain old check. Those trading in their old Alienware system will also get an additional $200 on top of the regular trade-in value as a bonus. If that sounds like reason enough to clean out your closet, you can hit up the link below to get a quote on your gear, after which Alienware will send you a shipping label to send it all in.


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