Debunk: new Zunes will not have text messaging, but Microsoft’s Zune Social community site will

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We’ve gotten a small flood of emails from readers today concerned with a certain page found in last night’s leaked Zune support training manuals. The conclusion immediately drawn was that the portables would start communicating with one another via WiFi text messaging; quite the surprising revelation given the near total lack of (reasonable) text input options available in the hardware. The more likely reason why the document would outline the ability to share songs with typed-in messages with your friends? Well, it might have something to do with that Zune Social music community site Microsoft is launching alongside the new players — you know, the one they were touting as the place where Zune users and music fans could go to meet, communicate, share tunes, create “Zune cards”, etc. Still, if Microsoft wanted to do for the Zune what Apple did with the iPod touch, we wouldn’t complain about the addition of a full screen browser and multi-touch interface.

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