cenOmax enters digiframe game with seven-inch F7012A

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If you’re spinnin’ your wheels trying to figure out exactly who cenOmax is, simmer down — it’s only a new spinoff of Lite-On, okay? Now that we’ve handled that, the firm’s first foray into the digital photo frame arena is the seven-inch F7012A, which sports a 480 x 234 resolution panel, 400:1 contrast ratio, a USB port and a multicard reader capable of handling 15 different formats. Furthermore, this one supports MP3 playback through its built-in speakers, allows for automatic slideshows and also includes an integrated alarm / calendar. For Halloween (er, right?), the frame comes bundled with black (shown after the break) and orange clip-on frames, but users can theme it up however they like for a variety of occasions. As of now, this one’s available only in Europe for £48 ($98), but we’ve got enough alternatives here in the US to keep our hearts from breaking.

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