Maid PC handles everyday computing, shuns housework

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We’re not quite sure what type of individual would actually enjoy having that thing pictured above sitting prominently in any room of their domicile, but for those too lazy to come up with their own case mod, this pre-fabricated alternative ain’t half bad. The M4125 Maid PC would admittedly be much more of a woman if she actually came with a top half, but all aesthetics aside, users looking at this PC purely for shock value will find a mini-ITX motherboard, room for a trio of 3.5-inch HDDs, a single optical drive, DVI out, a number of USB ports, audio in / out and what appears to be a set of PS/2 connectors for a mouse and keyboard. Sadly, we’ve no idea what type of CPU or graphics set this fair lady comes bundled with, but let’s be honest, you’ll be plunking down the ¥35,800 ($304) regardless of what’s inside if you’re digging the exterior.

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