Microsoft moves to withdraw appeal in South Korea antitrust case

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It looks like two rejected appeals in as many months may have been the limit for Microsoft, as The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that company has decided to drop its appeal in a South Korea antitrust case that dates back to February of 2006. That case, which centered on the always popular issue of Microsoft bundling software with Windows, ultimately ended up with the country’s Fair Trade Commission slapping a 32.5 billion Korean won (or $35.4 million) fine on Microsoft, which it’ll now presumably have to cough up. What’s more, according to the WSJ, the FTC also required Microsoft to provide two separate versions of Windows, including one that drops Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger all together, and one that includes links to websites for competing software to those applications. Not exactly the solution it was looking for, to be sure, but at least Microsoft has experience with multiple versions of Windows.


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