XM XpressRC gets evaluated

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We’ll admit, the XM XpressRC sure looked mighty nice from a distance, and judging by CNETs take on it, it’s equally fine up close. Quite frankly, this device was hailed as a notch above the alternatives, boasting a full-color display “that not only jumped out at you with its beauty, but could be easily read and understood while driving.” Granted, not everything was entirely peachy, as the reviewer took issue with the knob’s design and the small power button — both grumbles that could certainly be overlooked. Additionally, the unit’s ability to pause / rewind up to an hour of programming was very appreciated, and the other small bonuses (i.e. SongSaver) filled out the feature set quite nicely. All in all, this little gizmo was seen as “the way to go” if you’ve been scouting a device of this nature, but the $170 pricetag could still be a hindrance.


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