Palm’s Ed Colligan hypes new OS to investors

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Our main man Ed Colligan is on the scene once again, this time giving some serious lip service to investors on the future of Palm and its “upcoming” new OS. According to reports, Ed informed the the crew of dudes and dudettes (via the company’s Q1 FY08 conference call) that the Centro systems team and Foleo engineers are “totally focused” on delivering the Linux-based OS (Palm’s in-house work, not ACCESS‘s ALP), and announced that it will be available by the end of the next calendar year. Fleshing out his bold statements, Colligan noted that the new platform will retain the ease of use and developer support of the badly ailing current Palm OS, and that it will enable the company to deliver the UI across various products, including Foleo-like devices. The Palm honcho went on to say that development has gone, “As well as possibly could be expected,” and added that the company has no plans to hand over the smartphone market to anyone else, telling investors that its next generation of products will be “revolutionary device types.” Just like Fox Mulder, we want to believe — but it’s going to take a lot more than honeyed words to hold our interest, Ed. Hey — feel free to invite us over to the pad for some hands-on.


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