Hitachi’s new CP-A100J short-throw LCD projector

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If you’ve ever in need of a projector in a tight spot, Hitachi might just have the device for you. The new CP-A100J doesn’t really have mind blowing specs (XGA resolution, 2500cd/m2 brightness, and VGA, S-Video, component, and composite ins), but the fact that it can throw up a 48-inch picture standing just 0.5cm back from the wall, and a 200-inch picture from 3-feet 9-inches back certainly isn’t anything to snub your nose at. Unfortunately, while you won’t be snubbing your nose, you will be paying through it: the CP-A100J is going to run over ¥500,000 (about $4300 US) when it’s released in January of 2008.


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