Ambient Devices updates 5-day Forecaster, unveils 7-day version

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While we’d surely balk if Ambient Devices simply added two measly (albeit potentially important) days to its forecaster, the outfit made sure to update the overall look / feel of its weather display for good measure. The revamped devices will reportedly “receive updates from weather sources throughout the day via the Ambient Infocast Network,” which currently reaches about 90-percent of US households. The 5-Day Forecaster will sport a four- by four-inch display while the 7-Day Forecaster boasts a six- by six-inch screen, and both units will show “current conditions and an extended multi-day forecast for 150 locations in the United States.” Notably, the units will even feature “a color-changing backlight to indicate the current temperature at a glance (i.e. blue for cold, red for warm),” and those springing for the week-long version will be blessed with information about the UV Index, wind speed and direction, pollen alerts and air quality alerts. Look for the new Forecasters to land this winter for $149.99 and $199.99, respectively.

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