Internal AT&T site foretells Tilt launch

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We figure this website wasn’t intended for public consumption — either that, or we’re all invited to the “2007 National Launch Tour” for the imminently available AT&T Tilt, and we should be speaking to our regional sales managers immediately to confirm our eligibility. The picture here looks pretty much like what we’d seen of the HTC Kaiser variant in the wild, confirming that the front cam is gone (no surprise), though it’s a little chubbier looking than we thought, yeah? Or is it just us? Anyway, the site gives nary a clue about when we might actually be able to get a Tilt in our hands simply by walking into a store, but happily, everything we’ve heard still points to an October launch. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go track down our regional sales manager.

[Thanks, regenC]


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