First pic of an AT&T-branded 8925 / Tilt, 9/30 release date?

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For Windows Mobile users, the HTC Kaiser / TyTN II / MDA Vario III / AT&T 8925 (“Tilt”) US release is equivalent in excitement to the launch of another handset widely anticipated by Apple fans, but unlike the iPhone, poor WinMo diehards have no definitive date at which to target their enthusiasm. We’ve heard numerous rumored release windows before — and most recently, word of yet another possible delay — with none having panned out so far, meaning you should take the following tidbit with the usual skepticism: e-tailer Negri Electronics has started taking pre-orders on both the 8925 (pictured above) and camera-less 8900, and claims that units are expected to be in stock on Sunday, September 30th. If the photo they’re running is indeed the AT&T production version, potential buyers can be somewhat relieved that the color scheme has not changed from the unlocked model (unlike the fugly offering from T-Mobile Germany), but as we expected, the front cam and all possibility of hacked video calling have been eliminated. Hey, gotta give the early adopters something for spending double the subsidized price.


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