Intel announces “Santa Rosa Refresh,” other future laptop plans

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Intel looks to be keeping all of its bases covered at its Developer Forum in San Francisco this week, with the company announcing a slew of future plans for desktops, handhelds and, now, laptops. The biggest news on that front is Intel’s announcement of its forthcoming “Santa Rosa Refresh,” which will be based on the company’s upcoming 45nm Penryn mobile processor and is set to hit in January of next year. As with current Santa Rosa laptops, the updated platform will be based on Intel’s 965 Express chipset, and will include all the usual networking and other options associated with it. Further on down the road, Intel is touting its Montevina platform, which will also be based on the 45nm Penryn processor, with added support for DDR3 memory, integrated HD-DVD/Blu-ray support, and integrated WiMAX in addition to the standard WiFi. What’s more, Intel says the Montevina components will be about 40% smaller, opening up the possibility for a range of different laptop form factors. According to Intel, a number of companies including Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Panasonic and Toshiba have already “expressed intent” to embed WiMAX in future laptops of theirs, which could become a reality sometime in 2008, although it doesn’t look like there’s any firm word on that front just yet.


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