Feature-filled ASUS p550 PocketPC phone clears the FCC

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Bonus time must be approaching for the folks over at the FCC as they’ve been madly busy this week kicking handsets out left, right, and center. Of course, this Asus P550 took us a bit by surprise, as we’d not heard even a whisper of this little fella until just this morning. Featuring Windows Mobile 6 Pro, a smokin’ 570 MHz CPU, GPS, WiFi, triple-band GSM, and a dash of 2100 MHz flavored UMTS, it will slot quite nicely into the middle of Asus’ existing lineup. The spec sheet — and the photo tells no lies — doesn’t mention a forward facing cam, but the unit does feature a 2 megapixel fixed-focus jobbie, with storage for said pics in either the system memory — listed as 256 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM — or via miniSD. Not a bad outing for Asus, and while it lacks HSDPA in any of our favorite bands, it’ll do just nicely.


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