Macedonia to give every student a PC

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While the OLPC continues its slow rollout and finds its price slowly climbing, it looks like other companies are aggressively going after NickNeg’s target markets — Macedonia just announced a deal with NComputing to provide every student with a thin client “classroom computing device” that will link up to an account on a Linux server PC. The deal calls for NComputing to deliver 180,000 of the devices at a price that’s only quoted as “less than half the cost of any other proposed solution,” — a number we’re guessing is in that all-important $100 range. Macedonia’s schools were also impressed with the device’s ability to be remotely updated and maintained, a feature that significantly cuts support costs. No word on when Macedonians will see these things pop up in schools, but we’d bet quite a few people in other countries wouldn’t mind getting their hands on one either.

Update: Okay, that’s all for comments. While we’re sensitive to the many viewpoints surrounding the formal name of the country, Engadget isn’t really the place for that debate. Take it outside, kids.


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