NYC cabbies strike over GPS units

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As we reported back in July, and then in August, a large number of taxi drivers in New York City have been planning a strike over GPS systems which the city wants installed in yellow cabs. Well, the strike is officially on, with the New York Times reporting that nearly 90-percent of cabs are off the road today (at least according to a cabbie representative). If you’ll recall, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a quasi-union, has been threatening the strike over GPS / entertainment units the city demands be put into taxis. The new units have a number of functions — not the least of which is tracking the cab’s pickup and drop-off points — and the drivers aren’t having it. Currently, reports have come in concerning extended waits on airport pickups, and a new pricing scheme for cabs that are working, though from what we can tell, the strike hasn’t put the hurt on commuters too badly. Of course, the litmus-test of a New York evening rush hour has yet to happen, so don’t get too excited.


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