Lenovo celebrates 15 years of Thinkpad, “uncorks” Reserve Edition

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When Lenovo throws a party for the ThinkPad, does IBM get invited? We’d certainly hope so, considering it was the venerable US computing giant which first released the 700C back in 1992, and only gave up its claim to the name a mere two years ago with the completion of its PC division sale — but don’t worry Big Blue, even if the new guys forgot, we still sent you a card. For its part, Lenovo once again trotted out the limited-run Reserve Editions laptops — those 5,000 French leather-clad X61s’s — and reiterated its commitment to post-sale doting over the select few folks willing to throw down five grand for the privilege. Well you won’t find us standing in line to pick up such a luxury item, but we do have to give Lenovo credit for avoiding the obvious temptation to go with a traditional 15th anniversary theme, and unleashing a crystal-studded monstrosity that would make IBM execs cringe with horror and regret every time they saw one being flaunted by a colleague. Got any fond memories of your ThinkPads? Feel free to share ’em in the comments…

[Thanks Sourabh, headline wordplay courtesy of Lenovo PR]


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