Mediostream sues Apple, Acer, Dell and Gateway

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It looks like Mediostream is the latest company headed to Texas to fight against alleged violations of its patents, in this case by none other than Apple, Acer, Dell, and Gateway. According to The Inquirer, Mediostream says those companies infringed on patent number 7,009,655-B2, which was issued to the company on March 7, 2006 and describes a “method and system for direct recording of video information onto a disk medium.” While Mediostream doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to say on the matter at the moment, it did say that it “has been damaged by the infringement and will continue to be damaged unless enjoined by this court,” adding that it is seeking “damages, interest, attorney fees and other reliefs deemed just and proper by the court.”

[Via The Inquirer]


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