IOGEAR intros USB-IF certified wireless USB hub

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IOGEAR has launched its new Wireless USB (W-USB) hub and adapter kit, a combination of a receiving / transmitting base, and dongles which allow USB devices to communicate with the hub. Although we’ve seen a slew of these devices before (Belkin and Gefen’s entries spring to mind), this is the first that we know of to be certified by the USB-IF, or USB Implementers Forum, which is basically the MPAA of USB devices… er, without the ratings. Regardless, the little package can get your USB devices to suddenly start rocking cable-free transfers at 480Mbps from 30-feet away, which should appeal to those of us looking for less clutter, USB-IF-blessed or not. The kit, which contains the base, antenna, power supply, and one adapter is available now for $199.99.


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