How to add an internal USB hub to a UMPC

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If you’ve been hankering for a way to void your UMPC warranty, or just want to add a touch more utility while getting down and dirty with a soldering iron, this here hack may be the one that fits the bill. Facing the daunting task of shoving an internal USB hub into the already cramped confines of a TabletKiosk eo, thoughtfix managed to not only burn his fingers, add a few ventilation holes, and sharpen those wiring skills, but he also stuffed a three-port USB hub within his UMPC. Apparently, the internal WiFi / Bluetooth module’s USB interface can be tapped into to provide a way for a hub to be installed, and while two of the three ports remain open, a 2GB Sony Micro Vault Tiny was plugged into one connector for ReadyBoost usage. ‘Course, the actual process of rigging this up is far too complicated for this space, but if you’re feelin’ froggy, jump on down and give the read link a bit of your time.

[Via Hack-A-Day]


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