The MD300: the world’s most boring PMP

Looking for a PMP that does everything you expect, and absolutely, positively nothing you don’t? Well in that case, get ready to fall madly in love with the hyper-familiar Shenzhen Liuniu Technology MD300. In its defense, it does offer a pretty high-res screen (clocking in at the awkward 960 x 240), which should make viewing the plethora of video formats (MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX, XviD, AVI, MPG) a pure joy. The player further breaks “convention” by offering no SD or MiniSD slot, rather, it relies on a CF or 1-inch micro hard drive for storage — making this a bigger pain than it should be. The player also does the standard MP3s and WMA files, of course, plus line-in recording (audio and video, apparently), as well as e-book support. No word yet on price or availability.

[Via PMP Today]


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