Sleek Audio unveils adjustable SA6 earphones

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Personally, we’ve no qualms with simply tweaking the EQ when the bass seems a bit light or the treble is making us cringe, but Sleek Audio’s SA6 earphones purportedly don’t need any fancy equalization to tune your tunes. Reportedly, these in-ear monitors utilize an “ultra wide band balanced armature driver with custom porting,” which apparently allows the user to adjust the sound with the included treble / bass tuning ports. Additionally, the firm throws in a variety of tips and enables wearers to rock them “in three different ways.” The SA6 is currently available for pre-ordering, and while these aren’t slated to ship until Q3, you can save $20 off the normal $249.99 price tag by slipping your order in now.

[Via Audio Junkies]


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