Garmin intros the nüvi 750, 760, and 770 GPS units

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Garmin has unloaded some big GPS guns in your direction — taking the form of the nüvi 750, 760, and 770 — and life as we know it will never be the same. According to those “in the know,” the new units feature settings which allow you to store up to ten commonly (or uncommonly) used routes, plus the little 4.3-inch-widescreen-havin’ guys will also sort routes for multiple destinations — a feature which has been lacking in past models. The 700-series also gets upgraded here-and-there by way of added information like speed limits for highways and interstates, and a unique feature which helps you find your car in mall parking lots by marking the spot in which the nüvi was removed from the car. All three of the new units provide an FM transmitter for broadcasting voices and music to your stereo, and the 760 and 770 models include Bluetooth support, so you can rock extra-safe, hands-free driving when you’re making your next big excursion. The nüvi 750, 760 and 770 will be available in the 4th quarter of 2007 for $642.85, $857.13, and $1071.42, respectively.

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