Lindy’s Data Dock hot swaps all kinds of junk

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Do you ever find yourself staring down at your drive bays, watching as the lazy, single purpose hard drive does its work and think, “Man, I wish I could swap that thing out for a USB hub when it’s done spinning.”? Well, the clever folks at Lindy have answered your prayers by creating the USB 2.0 Data Dock. The premise is simple: the Dock installs into your standard, 3.5-inch bay and provides two open “slots” which you can use for either a 2.5-inch swappable drive enclosure, a four port USB hub, or a multi-format card reader — all of which are provided. Additionally, once the modules are swapped out, they can be plugged directly into another system (or the same system) via a typical USB connection. Available now for £49.99 (about $101).

[Via SlashGear]


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