Flexible displays created by stretching crystals

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As researchers continue to forge ahead in their quest to create commercially viable flexible displays, a new team from Canada has apparently unearthed a breakthrough of sorts. Reportedly, the crew has been able to conjure up a full-color display which boasts pixels made from photonic crystals, and by “bonding them to an electroactive polymer that expands when a voltage is applied to it,” the colors of the pixels change. According to André Arsenault of the University of Toronto, the newfangled devices “can be viewed just as well in bright sunlight as in indoor light,” and if all goes as planned, we could be seeing a whole lot more of these promising units “in as little as two years” when the startup Opalux looks to fit these bendable creations into billboards, handheld gadgetry, and anything else it deems fit.

[Image courtesy of MSNBC, thanks Alan]


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