Palm says Foleo still on schedule… for Summer

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It seems possible that Palm took our advice when we asked the company to “stop keeping us in the dark,” because the last few days have been filled with transparency. The latest bit of see-through from the PDA-maker comes today in the form of a denial concerning the recent Barron’s news that the company’s sorta-kinda-laptop, the Foleo, would be delayed due to syncing problems. According to Palm’s director of communications, Jim Christensen, “As stated on May 30, U.S. availability for the Palm Foleo mobile companion will begin this summer. We will let you know if this changes,” which runs contrary to rumored street dates for the laptop, and to what Deutsche Bank analyst Jonanthan Goldman reported on Wednesday. The company has had its share of activity over the past two weeks, including solid news on the tiny new Centro (AKA the Gandolf), rumored delays for the Foleo, and of course our gentle prodding. We can only hope all this movement, good or bad, is working as a wake-up to Colligan and co.


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