Zegna Sport integrating ElekTex controls in Bluetooth iJACKET

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If you’re fairly confident that you’ve seen an iJacket from Zegna before, you’d be right, but the case-sensitive iJACKET is upping the ante by including Bluetooth along with Eleksen’s ElekTex smart fabric controls. Dubbed “communication clothing,” the coat will reportedly enable users to “use their cellphone and simultaneously listen to music on their iPod,” which is sure to result in quite a few incomprehensible conversations. Nevertheless, wearers will be able to mange both their handset and DAP through a “sleek control embedded in the jacket sleeve,” and you can even expect the music volume to decrease when you receive an incoming call. Of course, all these luxuries won’t come cheap (especially on a Zegna), but even we think “starting at $1,700” is a bit extreme.


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