Users complaining of bezel separation on Lenovo X60 / X61 tablets

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Lenovo’s X60 and subsequent X61 tablets were both pretty well received when they were first released, but it seems that quite a few users have since found themselves somewhat less satisfied with their purchase, with widespread reports of problems with the bezel cropping up virtually since day one. Apparently, the glue that holds the bezel to the screen has the unfortunate tendency to lose its stickiness, resulting in cracking and popping every time the screen is opened. While it doesn’t seem that many users have had much luck with Lenovo’s customer service, Lenovo’s Tim Supples recently responded to comments on (scroll down on the link below) by saying that the company’s “engineering teams are aware of the issue and are investigating.” In the meantime, however, it seems that users are stuck with the unsightly flaw.

[Photo courtesy of Tablet PC Review Forums]


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