Panasonic ships LCZ / LCX LIFI rear-projection HDTVs

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Remember that LIFI RPTV that Panasonic introduced way back in January? Welp, it’s finally shipping to anxious consumers. Reportedly, Panny has just loosed the LCZ and LCX line of rear-projection HDTVs into the world, both of which include the nearly-everlasting LIFI bulb. The LCZ series brings a trio of 1080p-capable displays that check in at 50-, 56-, and 61-inches, while the LCX delivers a 56- and 61-incher that offer up 720p. In case you weren’t aware, the LIFI bulb is said to “virtually never need to be replaced,” which means that you could potentially be watching these very sets long after SED units actually go mainstream (ahem). Nevertheless, both lineups are heading out the door as we speak, and prices will range from $1,699.95 for the 720p PT-56LCX70 to $2,199.95 for the 1080p PT-61LCZ70.


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