iRobot Roomba 560 hands-on

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We’ve been fooling around with a new Roomba 560 of our very own and we can say with some certainty iRobot’s really improved on its product. Unfortunately, that isn’t saying a whole lot; while we’ve always loved the Roomba for what it is, we’ve never never been too impressed with the job it does. Still, the built-in scheduler is just such a welcome addition, and the robot is much quieter and generally feels far better built than its predecessor. The fact that the internals are better sealed is also a huge bonus, since we’ve long found ourselves cleaning our Roomba’s innards out nearly as much as its vacuum bin. Jury’s still out on the Lighthouses — it’s a decent idea, definitely, but we’d really prefer if the robot actually started trying to learn where things (and its own position in real space) are instead of just using battery-operated stations to tell it which rooms it’s already visited. But hey, baby robot steps, right? Photo gallery below.


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