Grundig’s Davio 7 portable LCD TV appears at IFA

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Grundig, fine purveyor of all sorts of electronics, is worried that you’re not watching enough TV. Sure, you’ve got one in the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen, but what about out in the garden? At your beach house? What about one to take camping? Well that’s where the company’s Davio 7 portable LCD TV comes in. Your new best friend boasts an active matrix, 7-inch, 720 x 576 screen, a DVB-T digital tuner with MPEG2, standard analog tuner, passive magnet antenna, and a whopping two hours of playing time with its lithium-polymer battery. Grundig claims that it’s the perfect thing for “TV fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts,” which would seem to be a contradiction in terms — unless of course you’re trying to sell a portable TV. Priced at around €179 (or $241), no word yet on availability.


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