Clever students create cheapo DIY Segway

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A tenacious combination of high school and MIT students have put together their very own DIY Segway, which would likely have Dean Kamen rolling in his grave… if he were actually dead. The team of ingenious do-it-yourself’ers put together a fairly workable Segway knock-off for less than a thousand dollars that can keep pace with the actual model (11 MPH versus the real-deal’s 12.5). By using off-the-shelf supplies, like a Machine Science XBoard microcontroller, pieces of Lexan for the steering mechanism, and light, cheap aluminum for the frame, the gang was able to assemble a fairly stripped down version of the scooter. Apparently, the kids are still working out the kinks, but if this keeps up, Kamen and crew might have to start watching their backs. Check the video after the break to see the still-shaky personal transporter in action.

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