Rumors of hard drive production shortages bubble to the surface

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The tech-world rumor mill tends to ceaselessly turn, and this week is no different as its attention gets focused on hard drives, or more specifically — hard drive production. According to ETNews, a Korean tech blog, increased demand for PMPs and GPS navigators, as well as recent earthquakes in Japan, have led to a price hike in 80GB and 160GB drives due to shortages from the manufacturers. Obviously this story calls for a healthy grain-of-salt attitude, as we’ve seen no outward sign that there’s any significant movement when it comes to hard drive prices (except to say they’re steadily shrinking), though according to ETNews, prices jumped 10 percent this month. If you believe the report, domestic demand for drives is expected to be in the region of 13 million units (in Korea, we assume), but current estimates have production falling 1.95 million (or 15 percent) off the mark. Obviously, that kind of slip would have an impact on the manufacturers bottom line, but until there’s some hard evidence, we wouldn’t recommend selling off your Hitachi stock.

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