Kingston offers up 4GB Class 6 miniSDHC cards

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Although Kingston‘s latest trio of 4GB miniSDHC cards aren’t first on the scene per se, that Class 6 iteration is sure sitting at the head of the class. Partnered by Class 2 (2MB/sec) and Class 4 (4MB/sec) versions, the Class 6 miniSDHC card boasts an impressive minimum sustained data transfer rate of 6MB/sec, which ought to be more than sufficient for those unexpected video captures on your mobile. Most interesting, however, is the pricing scheme for the aforementioned devices, as the 4GB Class 6 card runs just two bucks higher ($66) than the Class 4 version ($64), and a mere four dollars more than the lowly Class 2 ($62) sibling, so it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be going for the speed on this one.

[Via ChannelTimes]


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