GE’s E850 digital camera gets reviewed: it’s not so good

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GE sounded pretty cocky when it announced its first entries into the crowded digital camera market earlier this year, with the company’s lead of sales is running around saying things like, “Our aim is to be Number 1 in all aspects – quality, technology, performance and value – and these cameras will do that.” Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t look GE is going to reach that goal as fast as they’d hoped — Photography Blog got their hands on the 8 megapixel E850 model and although the design and price are attractive, the camera itself took “horrible” pictures and suffered from sluggish performance. According to the reviewer, the E850 has “the worst noise performance” he’s ever seen, and the higher ISO settings make “great impressionistic paintings out of your photos.” Ouch. All in all, it looks like you’re better off spending your $200 elsewhere — sorry about that, GE fanboys.


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