Creative’s Zen Wav gets reviewed

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Although hearing this thing on video is probably the only review you need, where’s the harm in taking a more in-depth look at the rest of the Zen Wav? Apparently sharing our sentiments, the folks over at AnythingButiPod were able to snag a unit to test, and while it did point out that there’s really nothing outstanding here beyond the integrated speakers and MSC support, we’re sure there’s a niche who’d find that enough to warrant a purchase. As you’d probably expect, design and construction were ho hum, controls were basic and lacking a dedicated volume button(s), the FM tuner was deemed “solid,” and the rest of the amenities (photo viewing, sound quality, video playback, etc.) seemed satisfactory enough. Overall, Creative‘s Zen Wav looks alright if you’re particularly interested in the unique features it offers, but if you’re not mesmerized by built-in drivers or the MSC connection, you’ll likely be served better by something else.


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