Time Warner readying modified fast-forward functionality for DVRs

While Time Warner Cable (partly owned by Time Warner, parent company of AOL, which owns Engadget) won’t go down as the first cable company to modify the oh-so-lovable fast-forward feature, at least the latest hamstringing won’t affect those willing to pay up. Dubbed “Look Back,” the newfangled DVR feature will reportedly come “without a monthly fee,” and will only allow customers to skip ahead and back in predetermined chunks of time; moreover, it will be limited to programs that are watched back before midnight of the day they air. The firm plans to test it out this October in South Carolina before “gradually introducing it around the country,” and it was also noted that this — along with the “Start Over” feature that functions exactly as it sounds — would not require viewers to “remember to record programs,” but alas, it also eliminates the ability to keep a library of stored content onboard. Ah well, so long as we diehard DVR users can keep on coughing up the dough required for a fully-functional FF button, we’ve no real qualms with this option joining the fray.


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