Is Sanyo selling off its mobile phone division?

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According to recent rumblings, Sanyo Electric is seriously considering cutting its mobile phone operations loose, and is apparently in talks with a number of competing manufacturers about purchasing the ailing line. At the top of the “interested parties” list are Sharp and Kyocera, well known phone-makers hoping to pick up the ailing company’s slack (which currently constitutes about 15 percent of Sanyo’s overall sales). The news comes as little surprise, given the current restructuring scramble Sanyo is attempting after a whopping 72 percent drop in operating profit in recent months. Phone sales for Sanyo are now expected to fall 1.5-1.6 million short, according to the company, which has posted a net loss for the past three years and is rumored to be selling off its semiconductor operations. At this rate, there may be dark days ahead for the Japanese giant.


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