It has a name, part II: “smexting”

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It turns out that cleaner air and healthier people aren’t the only side effects of a “No Smoking” sign. A wide-reaching ban on smoking in enclosed places just went into effect on July 1st in the UK, and in the two weeks following, carrier Orange reported that 7.5 million more messages were sent on its network than in the two-week period the month prior. Analysts (who apparently are responsible for researching these sorts of trends) suggest a couple explanations: first, smokers freshly ousted outdoors to get their smoke on need something to do to pass the time — out comes the phone, and, well, you know the rest. Secondly, smokers that are working on quitting as a result of the ban are turning to texting to give their fidgety, nerve-wracked fingers something to do and to seek support from friends. The behavior, which arguably didn’t need a name, is being called “smexting.” Looks like the money saved on cancer sticks is going straight to the carriers — but hey, at least it’s a little safer (or not).

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