Amp’d content team to live on with Clearwire?

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Amp’d’s virtual network may be dead and gone (not really, it got acquired; you know what we mean), but the MVNO had arguably one of the better exclusive content packages out there. Ironically, we’ve heard that Amp’d ultimately spent only a very small fraction of its once-$400 million fortune on the content itself, but hey, maybe they spent that money somewhat wisely. Anyhoo, it seems Peter Adderton and his jolly gang have been shopping themselves around as a one-stop-shop package deal of content, and fixed wireless provider Clearwire may be getting ready to bite. Details are slim at this point, but the synergy is pretty obvious: the former Amp’d crew can concentrate on what it does best — produce entertaining content — and let Clearwire worry about the infrastructure. Lil’ Bush wouldn’t look half bad over WiMAX, yeah?


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