Lenovo serves up ThinkPad-inspired phone for China

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We hear nary a peep out of Lenovo’s handset division in these parts — but in China, they do a fairly brisk business, offering the full range from commodity candybars all the way up through Windows Mobile-based powerhouses. You’d think, then, that if the company chose to grace a phone with its treasured ThinkPad branding, it would be one of those higher end pieces, yeah? Apparently not. This here P768 is the first Lenovo we’ve seen to evoke the storied laptop marque, lacking any sort of smartphone operating system (as far as we can tell) but offering up a metallic shell, 2 megapixel cam, 64MB of storage with microSD expansion, and an FM radio with a thumbstick that looks vaguely like a real ThinkPad’s track stick. Grab it in Lenovo’s domestic market for 999 yuan, or about $132 — a far cry from even the cheapest Lenovo lappie, we reckon.


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