Windows Vista pre-beta SP1 hitting the web?

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Whispers that Redmond certainly can’t be pleased about hearing are beginning to gain traction all over the ‘net, as more and more individuals claim that they have Vista’s Service Pack 1 pre-beta in their possession. Reportedly, the 6001.16549 build “sounds like it’s the real deal,” and could be the version that Microsoft has been “trickling out to more and more testers over the past few weeks.” Of course, we aren’t likely to hear anything one way or another from Microsoft, as the last tidbit that was let loose by it contained the phrase “not anytime soon.” But as proven by the Vista Performance and Reliability Pack that just recently found its way into public hands before its intended release date, there’s always a chance for leaks. So, dear readers, have any of you stumbled upon a pre-release version of the much-anticipated update?

[Via ZDNet, thanks Mark]


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