Virgin America’s inaugural flight

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We’re at JFK airport right now, for the inaugural flight of Virgin America from New York to San Francisco, and Sir Richard Branson just stepped on stage.

Update: We’ve landed! Check it out after the break.

9:27AM: “I don’t know who organized the weather today!” New York got nailed by some horrible weather this morning, and we’re running about an hour late. Stephen Colbert, who the plane is named after and is supposed to be christening the plane this morning, is stuck in traffic, along with a few other main figures. We’re going to carry on all the same. Sir Richard mentions how hard this has been to get off the ground, but it’s finally happening. “It’s time Americans get the airline they deserve, it’s been much too long.” Applause.

9:30AM: And we’re off to our gate! We’ll keep you posted on the proceedings as we can, and be landing on the west coast around 1PM PST.

9:58AM: A few comments have wondered what exactly this flight has to do with gadgets. Hopefully this hands on we did earlier this year speaks for itself, and we’ll be playing with all the gadgetry during the cross country flight to let you know just how great in-flight Doom really is. We’re also paying our return flight back, so it ain’t no freebie.

10:01AM: The plane is currently taxiing. We just added a few new pictures to the gallery.

10:08AM: We’re boarding now. They called out Group A for boarding, but there were no takers, so everybody has been invited on board.

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