Panasonic’s plasma half-brightness rating upped to 100,000 hours

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Most of the time you’re probably just sitting around, staring at your plasma television and wondering how much longer you have till the thing starts going dim on you. Well luckily, Panasonic is seriously feeling your pain, and the company has just upped the half-brightness rating of a whole slew of its new plasma screens to 100,000 hours — a nearly 67 percent increase in lifespan. This means that longevity for the TVs jumps from 25 years for the current line, to 42 years for the new batch — not an insubstantial figure. The models mentioned in the company’s press release are the TH-42PZ700U, TH-50PZ700U, TH-58PZ700U, TH-50PZ750U, and TH-58PZ750U which you may have already seen when we spotted them back in March, but Panasonic has added another screen to the mix, the TH-65PZ750U: a 65-inch, 1080p monster which the electronics-maker says will be available sometime in September.


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