Palm gets official with Treo 750’s WM6 upgrade — in Australia

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The good news is that the official Windows Mobile 6 Professional update for the Treo 750 is just around the corner; the bad news, though, is that you probably can’t have it yet unless you’re lucky enough to live in one particular corner of the world. Following countless incognito shots of WM6-sporting 750s in the wild, an imminent official announcement was pretty much a foregone conclusion — though we admittedly never suspected Australia would be the first to get the hookup. Specifically, customers of the Australian branch of Hutchison 3 will be able to download the update free of charge starting mid-month, with “other customers” following on in September. Whether “other customers” includes AT&T is unclear, but we’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed.

[Via istartedsomething]


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