‘GPS techniques’ help surgeons carry out delicate procedures

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While some courageous individuals may not mind a lifeless being slicing them up in the name of health, there remains a number of us who’d still rather have a human counterpart handling their operation. Thankfully, even skilled doctors could soon be given a hand by GPS location techniques, which have already assisted in some joint-replacement procedures. Essentially, the technology dishes out a “three-dimensional view of the joint area on a television monitor,” and enables the knife wielder to make “more accurate cuts and place prostheses much more accurately.” The signals are generated by a trio of tiny satellites that are inserted into the surgical incision and “triangulate the exact position of surgical instruments and the anatomy of the patient.” Just be careful one of those things don’t get sewn up in you, or else you’ll likely be a walking beacon for the rest of your days.

[Via TGDaily, image courtesy of AVHaspen]


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