AMD’s “Break Free” website targets Intel’s business practices

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In the good-old-days, if a corporation felt it had been infringed upon or held back in some way, a team of lawyers, some damning evidence, and an attitude of righteous fury would be combined to get some “justice,” and that would be that. But times have changed, and nowadays things tend to get a little more personal — especially when it comes to Intel and AMD. The latest round of jabs traded between the two chip-makers comes from the beleaguered AMD camp, which has launched an entire website (using the unsubtle name “Break Free”) dedicated to smack-talking Intel and its business practices. In particular, the site excitedly covers the recent antitrust charges brought against the company by the European Commission, and reiterates the popular AMD claim that Intel stifles competition and innovation by monopolizing the market. The website also details how the diabolical chip-manufacturer steals babies in the night, was responsible for the JFK assassination, and spits in your food when you’re not looking.

[Via EETimes]


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