Toshiba’s HD-A3x third generation HD DVD players get official

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Third generation HD DVD players

Looks like we won’t have to wait ’til CEDIA to learn more about Toshiba’s next generation HD DVD players. Amazon had the model numbers and prices right, which are in-line with the last generation of players, with the exception of the top of the line HD-A35 it has an MSRP of $499 compared to the HD-XA2‘s $799. The entry level HD-A3 has pretty much the same features set as the last time around, but its bigger brothers include a few extras including 24p support, (HD-A20 and HD-XA2 are expected to get an firmware update in September to enable 24p) and CE-Link. Both of these features are a must-have if your TV supports them and should help Toshiba move a few more units this time around — though those new looks won’t hurt either.

Expected Pricing and Expected Availability:
HD-A3 ($299.99, October 2007)
HD-A30 ($399.99, September 2007)
HD-A35 ($499.99, October 2007)


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